Business with a technology focus

Technology and business …

The importance of understanding technology in business has never been greater. Identifying and exploiting opportunity is as important as avoiding the pitfalls and landmines.

Whatever business you are in, technology plays an essential part. Whether you use it to disrupt a business sector, improve your business processes or apply it in a way that enables an entirely new type of business.

biznik provides consultancy and business support services underpinned by a deep knowledge of current and developing technologies – knowledge that leads to business advantage.

Whether you are an established global player or a startup, biznik can add value to your business.

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“George is a master of Sales, An excellent MD and an inspiring person. I think I got the Entrepreneurial bug from working with George. I was not the only one. I know of at least one of my other colleagues who went on to start their own successful small business.

If I had to name an Entrepreneurs’ Entrepreneur, it would be George Perfect.”

David Morton
IT Consultant

“George has an uncanny ability to quickly and effectively filter out the “noise” associated with business and focus on the things that matter and that can add value. He has knowledge and expertise across a wide range of areas underpinned by a wealth of practical experience.”

Andy Thomas
PMO Lead Business Transformation Programme at Associated British Ports

“George’s key strength lies in an analytical mind and a deep understanding of business management at board level, gained from many years of experience across a range of industries. This experience has allowed him to identify problems in our business before they became critical, allowing us to steer into clearer water.

I would highly recommend George to anyone looking for outside expertise to help them grow or transform their business.”

Tom Hill
Director, Greyridge Software